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Saitama - Dreamworld bombards the target with consecutive punches. It turns into Special Attacks after a dodge. Saitama then sends the target into the air with his powerful kick, and launches a pursuit against it.
Genos uses his cyborg arm to release a flame attack, dealing DMG to the enemy. Genos can enhance [Burning] up to 2 times via Energy Charging, and each enhance will increases the DMG dealt by [Burning]. When released, [Burning] will consume all the charged energy.
Atomic Samurai sheathes his Katana and switches to Iaido. If attacked at this moment, Atomic Samurai will trigger accurate dodge. Tap the normal attack button again and Atomic Samurai will launch several rapid slashes, dealing DMG to the target and spot two of its Weaknesses.
By consuming a small amount of Topspeed, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic blinks to the front of the target and stabs it.
Smile Man wields the ken for attacks and throws the ball out. Both the ken and the ball will deal DMG to enemies. Upon reaching the farthest point, the ball will return to Smile Man and deal DMG to enemies along the way again.
Lightning Max ignites the Gunpowder hidden in his shoes and releases the true Ogi.
According to the different timing of Lightning Max's ignition, he can fire up at most 6 Gunpowder.

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